This is your life

And so it begins We reach for the stars Lift up your voice Freedom is ours The struggle begins This is your chance The spirit’s alive Oh what a ride! This is the price of heaven, our hope This is the time This is your life “This is Your Life” The...


The way you disagree is more important than the argument you make. If you don’t respect people they will believe that everything you say, believe, and do are wrong.


Why can’t we live together? Because there’s a lot of people that the only way they can keep their power and privilege is to keep us at each others throats.


Trust your intuitive gut instinct. We pick up each others vibrations and know when someone needs love and also when something is not right.


Stay humble. The good intentions of some past movements turned into insane arrogance from thinking that their revolution was so awesome that they had brought about a new kind of human.