You can’t sustain 50 years of intensified selfishness; throw in Vietnam, Watergate, 9-11, 2008 recession, 2 failed Middle East wars, Trump, and a pandemic and just say “we’ve got to come together.” We either infuse a crazy amount of love or let it rot. Rotting is not...

Don’t stop now

This is how adults behave: delaying gratification and making the hard decisions that lead to a better country down the line, if not immediately. Confronting danger and making sacrifices built this country; we’re not going to stop now.


When you find something that expresses love and joy you don’t keep it to yourself. Extend it, keep it going, transcending beyond what is.


We all have a core life choice: for good, for evil, for pleasure, ambivalence. Those who have chosen to strive to manifest only good here: we need to join together. When you elect a leader you are deciding what kind of people we want to be. When you elect leaders who...

Choose to refuse

Every voice of fear within our own limited minds will rise up to the surface. Every loud-mouthed demagogue representing the forces that have so much to lose should a more fair and just and loving society will work as hard as they can to stimulate that fear in each of...